• Rental mailbox, forwarding service are regulated in Japan. You need to submit your personal ID verification documents to prove you name, your date of birth and your address. Please prepare them on application.
  • We will send confirmation number to your registered address after your application. Please inform us of your number when you receive it. Please see this page for details.
  • Our service is prepaid based. After personal identification and payment are done, we offer the service.

How to apply for the service

  1. Application
    • Please apply by fulfilling the following application form or by email. The content you need input consists of your personal information and service application information.
    • To comply the regulation, we need the copies of your ID verification documents to prove your name, your date of birth and your address.
    • The service application information are the selected plan, months to contract, options. You may change them later after you see the quotation.
    • Please fulfill the following application form. The mandatory fields* are required by the regulation. Or you can apply for the service by email.
  2. Quotation
    • After we receive your application, we offer the quotation by email and request you to send the copies of your personal ID verification documents. The quotation includes deposit.
  3. Submission of documents and payment
    • If you agree to the quotation, please send us personal ID verification documents and payment. Please see this page for the requirement of documents.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.