Personal ID Verification and Restriction of Our Service

Regulation in Japan

  • It is mandatory in Japan to verify the personal identification for all the rental mailbox customers. The necessary way to do so is different depending on the type of the document and the way, face to face or remote verification.
  • We are closely collaborating with Japanese regulators against the following matters.
  1. Forgery of public documents.
  2. Usage of credit cards which don't belong to the customer.
  3. Handling illegal materials or inappropriately acquired goods.

Personal identification verification

We verify our customers' identification in the following steps.

  1. We send you our quotation upon your choice of the service plan and options after you submit the application for our service.
  2. You may want to change the plan or options after you examine  the quotation, but once you decide to go with our quotation, you need to send your personal identification document. You may send its scanned copy to us by email. Or you may send its color copy by postal mail.  
  3. After we receive the copy, we will send the confirmation number to your address as an enveloped personal mail, you need to give us the number for the address confirmation.

Valid Personal Identification Documents

The requirement of the Personal Identification Document are as follows:

  • Issued by a national or local government or governmental organization.
    • Any documents issued by corporates (even government owned) are not valid here. 
  • Should have your photo, your name, your address and your date of birth on it. 
  • Supplemental documents to prove your address
    • In case the address is not on the document or the address on the document is an old one, a receipt of utility billings or tax are valid as supplemental document to prove your address.  


The followings are examples but not limited to them.

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • ID card

We don't offer our service to the following people

We don't offer our service to the following people.

  • Organization
    • We offer our service only to natural person.
  • Those who live in or transfer to Iran or North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea).
  • Foreign PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons)
    1. Those who is or was one of the followings
      • Head of a state
      • Minister and Deputy Minister 
      • Chairman or Deputy Chairman of any national assembly like Congress, Parliament, Diet
      • Supreme Court Judge
      • Ambassador, Envoy, Government Representative or Plenipotentiary
      • Military Commander
      • Director of Central Bank
      • Director of a corporation that has to undergo the resolution of the National Assembly concerning the budget or receive approval
    2. Family member (spouse (including common law marriage), parents, children, brothers or sisters) of the article 1 or Family member of the spouse of the article 1.