How to use the service

Application and payment

Please apply for the service from here.

There are 3 ways for payment.

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Credit Card through net (using paypal)
  3. Paypal

We offer the service after the payment is done. When we receive COD (Cash On Delivery) mail, we need your deposit beforehand.

Your address in Japan

You will get your own address by our service, however, you cannot use this address for following purposes.

  1. As the legally registered residence address for you or a corporate.
  2. As the address for e-Tenkyo (forwarding  service) of Japan Post.

Besides the above, you may use this address as your address, but some service providers like banks, telecom operators and so on, your address might not accept these addresses as your registered address. It depends on each service provider.

Letters, packages you can receive

  • Any packages which are dealt as ordinary delivery service can be received. You can receive registered mails, certified mails, COD packages, postal orders. However, if it is necessary to sign something or pay something, there is an additional charge.
  • You cannot receive the matters which are illegal in Japan. It is prohibited to send cash by any means besides cash registered mail.
  • In case we receive your COD mail or package, we may ask you to put deposit first. If the deposit is short for the payment on delivery, we don't receive them.

Forward your packages overseas

We forward your things to your registered address.

  • We can forward to any countries as far as EMS can reach except Iran and North Korea.
  • There is a forwarding fee. (fee per forwarding package)
  • Forward to your registered address. You may change address one by one to your different customers. Please ask our advice in this case. 
  • We can repack your goods to consolidate to one or to split one by one to reduce your delivery cost. (fee per original package)
  • We can attach any documents upon your request. (fee per document)

Service Plans

  Personal Simple Plan Personal Plan Business Plan
  For personal use only. 

For personal and business use. 

Good for customers to receive 2 items or less a month and forward them.

Best for a light user who just wants to keep his own address in Japan.

Good for customers to receive 3 or more items a month.

Best for those who uses the address in Japan regularly.

Suitable and eventually best for a heavy user or those who want to need address for business.

Limit of number of items a month No limit 20 or less per month No limit
Minimum term of first contract monthly, one month or more up to 12 months
Minimum term of renewal contract

monthly, one month or more up to 12 months

Because the renewal fee is charged every time, it is reasonable to contract a long term. If you don't renew the contract, your box number will disappear

Names to receive items You can use another personal name for free to receive items different from the contract name.

You can use your business name and one personal name for free.

You can add more personal names as charged option service.


You can use only one name to receive your items, your contract name or your nickname. You can use up to 3 names by option service. You may use this with your family members too.
Registered mail,  Certified mail, Postal order Possible but charged.
Freight collect

Possible, but charged.

You can not receive freight collect without deposit in advance.

Deposit will be refunded on your request in one month after the contract is finished. The transfer fee is deducted from refunded money.

  Personal Simple Plan Personal Plan Business Plan
Receive your items

We forward your items to your address upon your request.

Overseas Forward is basically by EMS. FEDEX is also available.

Address to forward Items can not be forwarded to the different address from the contracted one. Items can be forwarded to any address assigned.
Storage Term 

Items like letters which can be stored in your BOX(20cm x 27cm x 32cm) are preserved during the contract.
Items which can not be stored in your BOX will be charged every 2 weeks after the free storage term.

Free storage terms for items larger than the BOX are as follows:

2 weeks. 30 days.


SBC BOX-no building-name xxx  XX-XX-XX Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan

(2)No box-no display service as chargeable option

You may be able to erase BOX-no and SBC. 

Arrival Notify

Each arrival of item is informed by e-mail as a charged option service. Overseas customers need to take this option.

Fee table

Initial and Monthly Fee Simulator

Please input the plan, months and options. You will see the initial and monthly fee that you need to pay at the beginning to start the service.

Content Selection Amount
Plan JPY/mon
Contract months
How many names you want to receive items?
You may choose a different name as your only name for free to receive items.
No BOX-no display option JPY/mon
Arrival Nnotify by email (emial notification when you receive something)
(Please choose this if you are abroad.)
Entry Fee JPY
Monthly Fee JPY
Deposit JPY
Total JPY

Deposit:In case of Personal Simple Plan, we need deposit for the first item receipt.

Other fees which are different depending on the selected Plan. Amount
Receive Item Fee JPY/Item
Contract Renewal Fee. JPY/Renewal

Overseas package forwarding cost simulator

Besides the monthly fee, there is the delivery fee in case of forwarding your mails and packages. Usually we send your items by EMS, Japan POST. However, you may be able to request another delivery method to us. The following is the simulator for EMS rate of Japan Post and the fee to us, Rental Mailbox SBC, Japan.

Content Amount
Destination Zone
Weight Up to
EMS Rate for Japan Post JPY
Forwarding Fee for Rental Mailbox SBC, Japan JPY
Total JPY